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A funeral is used to mark the end of a person's life here on earth. Family and friends come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived and commend the person into God's keeping. This can be a small, quiet ceremony or large occasion in a packed church.

Organising a Funeral

When you are arranging a funeral for a loved one, please let your Funeral Director know that you would like a Church of England service for them, and that your church is St. Edmund’s.


They will then contact us to arrange the date and time of the service, and we will then be in touch with you to meet to plan the service, so that it reflects their life, pays tribute to them, and includes the music you would like, and to offer you support in the uncharted waters of bereavement.

Here for everyone

We are here at St Edmund's to serve each member of our Parish, whether they are regular worshippers or not. A Church of England Funeral Service provides the opportunity to give thanks, to grieve, and to remember, within the context of the hope Jesus offers of resurrection life and the kingdom of heaven.


A Church of England funeral doesn’t have to be in a church – though it can be. The priest can lead the whole funeral service in a different place, or, a church service can be built into part of the day, wherever the funeral takes place. We can be wherever you need us to be.

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