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Congratulations on your forthcoming Marriage. We’re delighted that you are thinking about getting married at St Edmund’s, and we look forward to sharing the celebration with you, and to supporting you in the future.

Getting married in church has never been easier, and these notes are intended to guide you through the process of planning your special day.

Who can get married at St Edmund’s?

If you live in St Edmund’s Parish you have a right to get married in your Parish Church. You can also get married here if you, or your family, have a clear link with the church.  Complications can arise in the case of foreign nationals or if you have married before, but there is usually a way forward so always ask.

If you fulfil these legal requirements then follow the steps below.

Step One

Contact Father Michael the Vicar on 020 8866 9230. He will fix a time for the three of you to meet. He will complete a form with you and arrange the date and time of your Marriage Service. The details on the form have to be copied onto legal documents, so it is important that the information you provide is correct and that he is notified of any subsequent changes.

Step Two

Fr Michael will invite you to a second meeting. He’ll talk with you about what getting married in church involves, and what Christians understand Marriage to be. He’ll go through the service with you carefully. There will also be a chance to make practical arrangements for the Service.


You will be invited to choose the hymns and organ music that you would like for the service. You can do this with Fr Michael, and with the Organist, Mr Mark Hammond, who is available after the 10am Sung Eucharist most Sundays to help you.

It may also be possible for our choir to sing at the Marriage Service.

Step Three

Your Banns of Marriage will be called on three consecutive Sundays during the 10am Sung Eucharist. These are announcements in church of your intention to marry and a chance for anyone to put forward a reason why the marriage may not lawfully take place. On these occasions, everyone in your church will also be praying for you. It can be very special and moving, so come along if you can.

If either of you lives in a parish other than St Edmund’s you will need to arrange for the Banns to be called in the Parish Church where you live.

What does it cost?

The fee for a Marriage Service is set by the Church of England - please ask Fr Michael for details.


The fee is reviewed each year and does not include the fee to read the Banns.  It must be paid before the wedding takes place.

In addition, fees are payable for the Organist, Choir and flowers - depending upon what you require.

Can we take photographs and video the Service?

Professional photographs may be taken during the service, and video cameras may be used if prior permission is sought. It is essential though that such photography does not disturb the Service, and that the placing of professional equipment is discussed with the Priest first.

Christians believe that Marriage is a gift from God and that, in the love that humans share, we catch a glimpse of the love God has for us.


We invite you to come and share something of that love here.

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