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The Season of Lent
at St Edmund's Church Northwood Hills


Many people’s faith is helped through reading and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book this year is ‘Tarry Awhile’ by Selina Scott; it is about the concept of Tarrying, which is a Black Christian spiritual practice in which believers actively wait to experience the manifestation of God's presence. It answers yes to the question Jesus once asked his disciples: will you tarry here and watch with me? It seems to me to be an excellent thing to do in our busy world and especially during Lent.


The Archbishop of York’s Lent book for 2024 is ‘Lent with the ‘Beloved Disciple’ by Bishop Michael Marshall; it invites us on a journey in the company of the ‘beloved disciple’ as found in the narrative of the Gospel of St. John.


I am sure that both books will be a great help during Lent, and would encourage you all to get either or both of them.


Our Lent Course this year is called ‘Still Standing’ and is based on the Elton John movie Rocketman. The booklet for the course is written by the Rev’d. Rachel Mann and is called ‘Still Standing’ (ISBN 978-0232-53491-7). It is obtainable on Amazon here. The course is running on Thursday evenings, from 22nd February until 22nd March. Please come and enjoy the discussions!


The course will be held in the Small Hall (the room behind the Hall) on:

  • Thursday 22nd February 7.45pm 

  • Thursday 29th February 7.45pm

  • Thursday 7th March 7.45pm 

  • Thursday 14th March 7.45pm 

  • Thursday 21st March 7.45pm


This year our Lent Giving will be split 50-50 between The Ben Kinsella Trust who are working to stop knife crime, and Christian Aid's Middle East Appeal.  

You can donate by:

  • Inserting cash or a cheque into a purple Lent Giving envelope available at the back of Church before or after the 10am Eucharist on Sundays and placing it into the offertory dishes at the back of the Church

  • Sending a cheque made payable to PCC of St Edmund The King to:


St Edmund's Church Lent Appeal 2023

2 Pinner Road




  • Bank Transfer (BACS)


If you are considering donating via BACS please complete the form below and we will e-mail you the bank details:

Thank you for requesting our banking details. We will be in touch shortly with the information.

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